Philodendron Green Emerald | Uses, Characteristics, & Care

Philodendron Green Emerald

For years, Philodendron plants have managed to beautifully decorate our houses. It is an excellent choice as an ornamental plant for both indoors and outdoors. ‘Green Emerald’ is one of the kinds of Philodendron which we use to decorate our house. As its name suggests, Philodendron Green Emerald shines with its bright green leaves, just like emeralds hanging from a tree.

Here is a comprehensive guide to the Philodendron green emerald that will help you determine whether or not it is the right choice for your home if you are considering purchasing plants to adorn it.

What is a Philodendron Green Emerald?

What is a Philodendron Green Emerald

The Philodendron Emerald Green houseplant is a tropical plant that requires little maintenance and does well indoors as well as outdoors. As long as you provide it with wet, organically rich soil and bright indirect light, it will thrive.

They have enormous, beautiful green leaves that not only add aesthetic value to any space but also quickly give it a jungle feel. The leaves of the plant spread out as it grows, and the rigid stems maintain the plant’s straight, classic look.

Characteristics of a Philodendron Green Emerald 

Characteristics of a Philodendron Green Emerald 

Philodendron Green Emeralds attract our attention due to their shiny leaves and green foliage. Other than that, other characteristics differentiate the green emerald from others.

It has diversified growth methods.

Not only green emeralds but every philodendron has a diversified, growing method. The growth of these plants can be epiphytic, hemiphytic, and sometimes terrestrial. Another interesting fact about these plants is that they can adopt a hybrid growth method. But this combination of their growth entirely depends on the environment they grow in.

It is a climbing plant

Philodendron green emeralds are climbing plants or creepers which climb up the walls or any figure to support it moving upwards. It also has modified leaves to protect and support the newly formed leaves. These plants can also grow on hanging pots for growing plants. Although it makes a nice decorative plant for indoors, its leaves can grow very large sometimes, causing you trouble to keep maintaining it indoors. So, it is better if you plant it outdoors or even on your balcony.

It has different types of leaves in the same plant

The leaves of Philodendron Green Emerald can be very large and imposing with deep cuts or lobed. It can also have pinnate, sometimes more and sometimes less than usual. The leaves of these plants also have different shapes, including spade, sear, oval, etc. Their leaves can help recognize the plants.

One interesting fact for which Philodendrons are known is their ability to produce different types of leaves in the same plant. They contain both adult and juvenile leaves, which can differ greatly in size from one another. 

In the early stage of the plant, particularly when they are seedlings, they usually have heart-shaped leaves. The shapes start changing when they gradually grow up.

It produces cataphylls

Cataphylls are modified leaves that grow in the stems of the Philodendrons. They have a leaf-like structure, and they are usually green in color, a lighter shade of green than the leaves. Its main function is to protect the newly forming leaves of the plants from any kind of harm and also to support them while growing. 

It has toxic properties

It serves as a great ornamental plant, but it is extremely toxic. Eating them can cause allergies or skin irritation, causing your tongue, lips, and throat to swell up. It can also give you a nauseous feeling and sometimes diarrhea. 

The Benefits of a Philodendron Green Emerald

The Benefits of a Philodendron Green Emerald

It can improve the air quality.

The leaves of the Philodendrons leaves can purify the air by absorbing carbon-di-oxide and other toxins from the air and give you fresh air to breathe in. It also traps the dust in the air and makes it clean. You just need to wipe the leaves regularly to get the dust off them.

It is low-maintenance

Maintaining a Philodendron green emerald is not a complex thing. It is easier to maintain than most plants you use for decorating your household. You just need to keep the soil moist and keep it in proper sunlight. You don’t even need to change the pots for a long time.

It can be grown in water

The Philodendron Green Emeralds can be grown both in planting pots and in water. You won’t need to face the hassle of changing the soil in the pot and watering it regularly. 

All you need to do is change the water of the jar in which you will be keeping your plant once in 1-2 weeks. But sometimes, the water might not suit the plant, and the leaves might start drying out. So, make sure to keep it in clean water.

How to Care for It

How to Care for a Philodendron Green Emerald

Taking care of a Philodendron is not a great deal. As it is a very low-maintaining plant, you just need to keep a few things in check.

  • Use organically rich soil to plant it
  • Keep it sun a place where the sunlight falls partially.
  • Make sure the soil is always moist.
  • Use organic fertilizers to enrich the soil and provide the plant with nutrition.
  • Keep its leaves clean for it to clear out the dust in the air.

What’s The Best Place To Keep The Plant?

Philodendron Green Emerald is suitable to keep both indoors and outdoors. It gives an aesthetic jungle vibe to your house when kept in a pot, and its leaves spread out. You can also keep it as a centerpiece on your dining table or living room table. 

But its leaves might get large, and you would need to transfer them into a bigger pot. You can also hang it on your balcony or patio using a hanging pot or jars filled with water. Just make sure to keep it away from direct sunlight, and you are good to go.

How to grow it faster?

Philodendron Green Emeralds are usually fast growers and reach the height of 14-15 feet. But you can also play a part in increasing its growth speed. 

Keep the soil moist and water it when the soil is just about to dry out. You can also use organic fertilizers to boost its growth. Another thing you can do is water it with untreated water.

Do Philodendrons Clean The Air?

Philodendron does clean the air and purifies it. Its leaves absorb all the toxins in the air, leaving fresh air to breathe. The leaves are also experts in trapping dust and cleaning the air.

Final Words

Philodendron Green Emeralds are great plants to decorate both indoors and outdoors of your house, and it also needs low maintenance. All you need to do is take some basic care of the plant to keep it alive and healthy. 

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