Purple Orchid Flower | Meaning, Origin, Uses & Propagation

Purple Orchid Flower

Orchids are diverse and the largest group among all the angiosperms. Other than the beautiful outlook and economic uses, each and every orchid comes with certain symbolizations and meanings. 

Let us talk about the purple orchid flowers and get to know what it symbolizes and other interesting facts about them.

What Is The Purple Orchid Flower? 

What Is The Purple Orchid Flower

The purple orchid flower is one of the least common species alongside the Naked Man, that belongs to the orchid family. 

From ancient times, it also has been a sign of royalty as the royal families used to decorate using purple orchids. It is common as a species of orchid but rare in general, like all the orchids. That is why its prices are comparatively high.

Purple orchids are mostly found in tropical forests or semi-deserted areas. They also grow in woodlands and meadows. 

You can grow your own purple orchids by maintaining the same habitat it has in the wildlife. It might sound challenging, but you can earn how to grow it with some useful tips and tricks.

The Meaning Of The Purple Orchid Flower 

The Meaning Of The Purple Orchid Flower 

The purple orchid flowers truly symbolize respect and admiration. Again, in ancient times, it traditionally symbolized royalty and luxury for the royal families. Some people also say that the purple orchid flower represents or symbolizes forgiving peacefully without any chaos, a sign of peace in society.

From ancient times, the purple orchid flowers were used to signify honorable and dignified personals. 

They were used to decorate any event or occasion which were prestigious. Like the coronation ceremony, or the marriage ceremonies of royal families. 

That is why the purple orchid flowers were sent to make a person feel dignified and special.

From these trends and habits, today, you can see purple orchids being a sign of something elegant and luxurious. 

All luxurious hotels nowadays have these purple orchid flowers as decoration to their worth and send a message that you are being honoured by them to a there highest degree of appreciation. 

Some weddings also have orchid flowers as decorations, especially purple ones. The colour of the purple orchids also looks elegant when decorated.

How To Grow The Flower

How To Grow Purple orchid flower

Growing purple orchid flowers is not rocket science. Although it is a bit challenging as maintaining the temperature and everything else just like its usual habitat is not that easy. 

You just need to know the right tips and tricks to grow the purple orchids.

Start with the pot you are going to use to plant it. It does not grow well in low lands. So start by taking a pot which has adequate holes to drain the water out. Orchids are damaged if water remains accumulated in the roots of the plant.

Now the next important thing is the soil you are using to plant it. You are suggested to use moss-based soil, which quickly dries out the water. You can also use bark-based soil, which dries out the water quicker than moss-based soil.

Another important part is watering the plants. You don’t need to water the plant for a long time. 

Water it with a moderate amount of water regularly. It would also depend on what type of soil you are using for the plant. For moss-based soil, less water is needed as it can retain some water.

For bark-based soil, you need to water them a bit longer than usual as it dries out very fast.

Last but not least, make sure to give it some sunlight but not too much. Too much heat would damage the flowers. So, make some arrangements where the plant can get partial sunlight.

Maintenance Tips

The purple orchid flower blooms and lasts for 6-8 weeks depending on how good you are taking care of it. That is why maintaining plant care is really important.

  • You can also clean the pots every 3-4 weeks with warm water for them to remain hydrated. Follow this only if your pot has a drainage system. For a pot with no drainage system, you can use iced water while watering the plant to keep it hydrated.
  • You should also maintain a temperature of 60-80 degrees, especially when it’s blooming season for your purple orchid.
  • Sometimes, it becomes difficult for you to maintain an adequate amount of sunlight for your orchid. So, you can use any semi-transparent cloth or curtain in front of it to protect it from the heat.

Different Ways You Can Use The Purple Orchid Flower

Different Ways You Can Use The Purple Orchid Flower


As mentioned before, purple orchids were always used for decorating events and ceremonies since ancient times. You can see households decorating their spaces with orchids, using them for different events, and also cherishing loved ones by buying them a few of these flowers.

Decorating any event using purple orchid flowers is still thought of as an elegant way to represent the event or festival, or occasion. The honor and dignity represented by the purple orchid flowers still remain in vogue.


Apart from its elegancy and beauty, the purple orchids also work as great medications. Ancient people used to consume the flowers as an aphrodisiac medication. It also cures skin irritations like red orchids. Mostly, it was famous as an aphrodisiac medication and healing various virility problems in men.


Another usefulness of the purple orchid is that it can be made into a drink or beverage, The flowers are dried out to make flour or powder out of it. This was consumed as a drink, and the drink or beverage is called “Salep”.

Can You Eat The Purple Orchid?

Purple orchids can be eaten. It is mostly used as garnishes because of its radiant purple color. 

Although it does not taste that good, it looks so good when used for garnishing. Some also eat it like we eat vegetables. 

It tastes sort of like cabbage. Some consume it as a drink called “salep” again some drink it as a coffee substitute. The powder is also used to make the famous beverage, Turkish Delight.

What Are The Benefits Of Eating Purple Orchids?

There are a lot of benefits of eating purple orchids. It is believed to serve as a good medication for a lot of problems like indigestion, skin irritations, gastric, and even cancer.

It is a good healer for gastric patients. The roots of the plant are also very nutritious and often consumed by people as an aphrodisiac.


The purple orchid flowers are mesmerizing to look at and even a good medication to use. Although growing and maintaining it in your own garden might not work out on the first try, you will get to master it if you keep trying. 

As the saying goes, ‘No Pain, No Gain’, you also need to have a lot of patience before gaining the beautiful purple orchid flowers to grow and bloom in your garden.

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