Arbutus Marina: Origin, Characteristics & Care

Today, we’ll learn about the wonderful Arbutus Marina tree. We’ll be looking at some of the characteristics, where you can find the tree as well as how to take care of it. If you’ve been curious about this tree, then you might find this article informative.

What Is Arbutus Marina?

What Is Arbutus Marina

Arbutus Marina is a tree belonging to the Arbutus family of trees. Arbutus is the scientific name, and you might be more familiar with them as strawberry trees. They were discovered in 1917 and are often identifiable by their pink or red-hued flowers. They are considered garden trees due to their height and ease of growth.

Where Is It Found Naturally?

The Arbutus Marina originated first in Southern Europe. Now they are found primarily around the Mediterranean region and British islands. They can also be found in some nurseries in California and the western areas of the United States of America.

Physical Characteristics 

The Arbutus Marina tree is considered an evergreen tree, and as a result, they retain its green leaves throughout the year, even during the winter. Fully grown Arbutus Marina trees can reach heights up to 50 feet. As it has been said before, bright red or pink flowers can bloom on the tree during Spring. They form a large and dense canopy when they fully mature.

They have tough bark and are quite strong trees. Arbutus Marina trees can withstand dry spells, further adding to their strength. These trees can shed their bark over time which can reveal bark that is a beautiful shade of red. 

These trees can also bear fruit. However, unlike strawberries, they aren’t as enjoyable to eat as they lack a sweet taste. The fruits are safe to eat, so you don’t have to worry about your pets or kids eating them. 

What Kind Of Climate Does It Need To Survive?

What Kind Of Climate Does It Need To Survive

The Arbutus Marina is a hardy tree and can survive well in most climates unless it is extremely cold. They generally prefer cooler environments like that present in the British islands. However, once properly planted, they can better survive harsh changes in weather.

Generally, temperate climates are what they prefer. You want to grow them during spring or summer so that they can grow and become stable by the time fall or winter arrives.

Common Problems With The Plant

common problems with arbutus marina

For the most part, Arbutus Marina is easy enough to grow. However, it is not without some problems that you will need to tend to. These problems include:

Pests And Fungus

While the Arbutus Marina is a strong tree, it is not immune to pests. The pests that attack it are rarer variants, but if they are not taken care of can kill your plants. Aphids are ones that you need to be aware of for the most part, especially during the early stages of growth.

A certain variant of fungus can be known to infect the Arbutus tree. This can cause the tree to decay over time. There is not much in the way of healing trees infected by this fungus other than separating infected parts and disposing of them.


Arbutus Marina trees can be messy. They can shed bark and twigs, which can result in the ground around them being full of stray wood. The fruits can also fall and be crushed, leading to a bigger mess. As a result, this can lead to extra maintenance on your part. 

Another thing to note is that due to the large canopy of these types of trees, they can block off sunlight from other smaller plants, which can end up inhibiting their growth. Due to these, these trees can take up a lot of space in your garden leading you to properly plan around them.

Wood Rot

One thing that this tree is susceptible to is wood rot. When excess water is present around the tree, it can cause decay. This can lead to the tree getting sick and eventually dying off if water is not properly drained from time to time. 

How To Propagate It?

How To Propagate Arbutus Marina

Arbutus plants can be propagated by taking cuttings of the tree or plant and then cultivating it. When taking a cut, make sure to make a slanted cut to increase the chances of cultivating it properly. They are generally easy enough to propagate. 

Maintenance Tips

Here are some tips to help grow your Arbutus trees properly. These tips are:

  • Create proper drainage channels. This will help remove water near the roots and prevent wood rot from occurring.
  • Do not plant the roots too deep or make use of compacted soil. This can promote a higher amount of water absorption by the roots, which can stunt growth.
  • Ensure full sunshine for the tree. Arbutus trees need to grow tall and strong so plant them in areas with little to no shade.
  • Take protective measures against pests and make sure to inspect for any fungal infections.

How Is It Used?

Arbutus trees aren’t used much aside from decorating gardens. Their fruits aren’t commonly eaten due to their taste, and they don’t have many useful properties outside of being used as garden plants.


Has this article on Arbutus Marina trees proved informative for you? They can enhance the look of your gardens and aren’t very difficult to maintain aside from a few things. 

Mohammed Rujel

Over the Years, I have gained a lot of experience in different aspects of gardening. I actively learned about plants and how to care for them, and also have a lot of experience in dealing with pests and diseases. My expertise is on teaching how to grow healthy plants and make them look their best.

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