Anthurium Water Dragon: Origin, Care, Uses

If you are looking for a beautiful and easy-to-maintain indoor plant for your house, anthurium water dragon can be a great option. 

Before you make a pick, let’s learn more about this plant to determine if it genuinely fits your preferences or not.

What is the anthurium water dragon?

What is the anthurium water dragon

The anthurium water dragon is a species of anthurium, which is a genus of flowering plants which consists of more than 1,000 species. The anthurium water dragon is, in fact, a hybrid species of the genus. It is combined with anthurium ‘Red Birds’ Nest’ and anthurium ‘Watermaliense’. This species was developed by the Silver Krome Gardens.

These plants are usually habitats in a warm environment. So they always prefer their soil to be moist and too watery but never to dry out. People around the world love to keep them as their ornamental house plants because it is very easy to maintain and also very beautiful to look at.

What makes this plant unique?

Anthurium Water Dragon Uniqueness

The leaves and flowers of the anthurium water dragon make it unique from the other species of the anthurium. The leaves of the anthurium water dragon are like huge big waves, which also makes them look like giant birds’ nests. The leaves can of this plant can reach up to 36 inches in length. Usually, their leaves remain green with red veins during their early stage but later on, 50% of the leaves become maroon in the shade. It makes a nice shade of green and maroon, which attracts the attention of the people.

Another thing that catches the attention of the people is its flowers. The flowers of the anthurium water dragons are four-petaled and found at the tip of the stems. The flowers come in different colors like red, yellow, orange, etc., but most of the time, they are bright red.

Where does it come from?

The anthurium water dragons are native to different parts of America, mostly from Colombia and Ecuador in South America and different other parts of Central America. Then it gets distributed directly to the Caribbeans and Mexico. Other than these countries, the rest of the world gets supplies and cultivates the plant in their own respective lands.

As they are very easy to cultivate, people buy the seeds or seedlings of these plants and cultivate them. The plant does not have high requirements. They demand a warm environment so tropical and warm countries can easily grow them. They don’t even have a high requirement of water; they only want their soil to be moist.

 That is how, through globalization, the anthurium water dragons are available worldwide. Although it originated from America, you can now get it in your nearby plant shop as it is cultivated worldwide.

Is it an indoor or outdoor plant?

Is it an indoor or outdoor plant

The anthurium water dragon can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. They suit both kinds of weather. But mostly, they are grown indoors. They n=make an outstanding plant when cultivated in a pot. They don’t demand a lot of sunlight like most houseplants; they can be sufficed by a light amount of light,

When grown outdoors in the garden and without a pot, it tends to grow big leaves. Although even grown on grounds, they are indistinguishable from the plants grown in pots in their early stage.

How do you care for an anthurium water dragon?

How do you care for an anthurium water dragon

The anthurium water dragon is a very low-maintenance plant. You can grow it very easily through a few simple steps. You just need to keep a few things in your mind before growing an anthurium water dragon in your house.


As the plant originates from a habitat of warm weather, it also demands a similar kind of weather. So, the plant should be kept at a minimum of 65 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature falls less than this, it would be challenging to keep the plant alive, and it would probably die eventually in cold weather.


The anthurium water dragon prefers its soil to be moist, and it loves to get irrigated. Another likable situation for the plant has water in its leaves. As the plant is an epiphyte, it also demands rich soil with a good or well-structured drainage system. So, it is necessary for you to make sure that the pot in which the plant is planted has a proper drainage system. Without a proper drainage system, water would accumulate around the roots, and the plant would eventually.


The plant does not demand a lot of sunlight, a partial amount of sunlight is all that the plant requires. These can be kept either directly or indirectly under the sunlight, but make sure they do some sunlight which they would need to survive through making their food and also grow.


The anthurium water dragon should be watered moderately once every 10 days. Its roots should not be soaked in water for a long time and not left to dry out either. Another interesting fact about this plant is that they reproduce through pollination. So, if you want to grow fruits out of it and make seedlings from their seeds, you need to buy a plant of the opposite gender to your existing plant.


Fertilizing is not mandatory, but it will surely help your anthurium water dragon to grow faster. You need to use a slow-release fertilizer for this plant and spray it from at least 6 inches away thrice a year. Don’t buy the cheap ones as the heavy salts inside may damage the roots of the plants.

Can You Use Tap Water For Them?

Tap water should be fine to use for watering the anthurium water dragon, but before using it check if the water is softened or not. Tap waters can be softened sometimes, which would cause a salt build-up in the roots of your plants and might damage them as well. So, it is safe to use filtrated water unless you are sure if your tap water is softened or not.

Final Words

The anthurium water dragons make a great houseplant. Now that you know how to take care of them properly, you can buy them to see if it is actually easy and comforting for you or not.

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