10 Popular Shrub Plants to Consider for Your Garden

10 Popular Shrub Plants to Consider for Your Garden

There is no doubt that greeneries and plants can completely change the look of a yard or lawn. However, considering the wide range of shrub options available to choose from, it can get a bit challenging as well as overwhelming to decide. 

Some factors need to be considered when choosing shrubs for you to plant, whether in your front yard or back garden. Maintenance is a big part of planting shrubs and is one of the greatest factors you need to consider if you want your landscape to outshine that of your neighbor. 

Fortunately for you, we have accumulated a list of examples of shrub plants that are most popular nowadays and how they will help you decorate your landscape. So, keep on reading! 

What Are Shrubs? 

What Are Shrubs

In many cases, shrubs and bushes are used interchangeably, as there are no distinct differences that differentiate between shrubs and bushes.  However, if you were to define shrubs, they are essentially woody plants with numerous perennial stems but having only one single root. 

Due to one root serving as a base of the plant branches out into several stems, it cannot be divided. According to horticulture, shrubs tend to hold their structure all year round, which is a great thing if you want your landscape to look fresh every day of the year. 

Shrubs tend to be smaller than trees, usually less than 13 feet in height, and lay near the ground in most cases. 

How to Design Your Garden with Shrubs with Creative Ideas

How to Design Your Garden with Shrubs with Creative Ideas

When positioned correctly, shrubs can radically transform the appearance of your garden or landscape. Let’s explore some creative ways shrubs can be used to decorate your garden. 

Layered textures and colors

Shrubs can be of different sizes and colors when fully grown. After you have analyzed your landscape area, you can use an array of different shrubs of varying sizes and colors to achieve a layered look.  Layering shrubs gives a much more luscious appearance. 

Once different sizes and color of shrubs have fully grown, they will appear natural and resembles what you would see while wandering through the woods. This is likely to amaze anyone who walks through! 

Using Shrubs as fences

Utilizing shrubs and using them as fences is quite common and very popular for a reason because they look simple yet elegant. You can use them to demarcate paths or perhaps even serve as dividing fences between various spaces. This separates your environment while maintaining an organic and lush aesthetic.

Moreover, adding flowering shrubs of different colors as a fence can be quite visually appealing and also make your garden stand out in the neighborhood. Using a monochrome color palette can produce the best results in this case. 

Accentuate features

Shrubs are great for accentuating focal points and features. If you have a walkway to your garden or have a fountain in your garden, using smaller shrubs to outline the areas will help build a more dynamic and appealing look. 

You can also use vine-like shrubs to integrate outside features into your garden to give it a more holistic look. For example, outlining lamp posts with shrubs and vines is one way to do this. 

Popular Shrub Plants for Your Garden

Popular Shrub Plants for Your Garden

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you are presented with a wide variety of options to choose from. Hence, we have accumulated a list of the most popular shrub plants that are bound to make your garden aesthetically pleasing. 


Aucuba plant

This widely used foliage plant is a broad-leafed evergreen shrub that should be grown in partial to full shade. It is because the leaves tend to burn in summer and lose their color in winter with full exposure. 

Although these shrubs can be grown in a variety of soil types, however, they thrive best in moist, organically rich soil. Aucuba produces small, red, shiny fruits that mature in the fall season. 


Blackberry plant

These shrubs are not only aesthetically pleasing but also produce abundant fruits rich in antioxidants. They are easy to grow, and you will only need to ensure that they get plenty of sunlight and are planted in well-drained fertile soil with a pH level of 5.5 to 6.5. 

Blackberries are definitely a must-have shrub plant to have in your garden, especially if you’re a fan of blackberry pies and jams!


Camellia plant

Camellias are large evergreen shrubs that are widely popular for their exquisite blossoms, which come in a variety of hues from white to pink and scarlet. These shrubs can be planted at any time of the year, but they require organically rich soil. 

Their growth rate is slow, and they flourish and blossom at their finest when shielded from the sun’s rays and drying winds.

Butterfly Bush

Butterfly Bush plant

These shrubs are a perennial favorite among gardeners due to their vibrant flowers. They get their name from their ability to entice a wide range of insects but especially butterflies. 

The peak bloom time for the flowers in July and August, which are full of nectar and have a pleasant aroma. They are inherently tough plants and survive in most conditions but require well-drained soil. 


Weigela plant

Weigelas are bushy deciduous shrubs with elegant, ovoid leaves with vibrant tubular flowers and come in varying sizes and hues. They are simple to cultivate and don’t need much upkeep. 

The leaves of some have extraordinary color, which heightens the shrub’s summer allure. They make great options for shrub borders! 


This native northern Californian shrub resembles a small tree and has a visually striking appearance with its mahogany-colored bark. The branches grow in a unique vine-like way and are quite easy to spot with their signature deep red marks on their barks. 

These flowers are cup-shaped and dangle upturned, while the fruits are white but turn red or brown as fall approaches. 


Yarrow plant

Yarrow shrubs have a long history. Named after the legendary Greek warrior Achilles, these shrubs are prized for their multicolored blossoms. Yarrow flowers are known for their medicinal properties; however, their sap can cause allergic reactions in some people. 

When kept in moist soil, Yarrows are vulnerable to Alternaria blight and root decay. These shrubs should be planted in dry, nutrient-deficient soil that receives direct sunlight for longevity.


Bougainvillea plant

Bougainvillea is a tropical woody shrub that is evergreen and widely recognized for its ‘flowers,’ which are modified leaves. They are incredibly drought-resistant and do well in nearly any soil condition that isn’t always wet. 

In fact, they require continuous sunlight and well-drained soil with a pH of over 6.0. 


Ixora plant

Ixora is also tropical to semi-tropical shrubs that grow in warm climates. Its signature feature is its bulb of vibrant florets, which are widely seen in summer but can bloom all around the year as well. The best part about these shrubs is their extremely low maintenance needed. 


Jasmine plant

If you’re a fan of aromatic scents, then Jasmines are a must-have for your garden. Outlining the walkways of your gardens will make them rich in fragrance. All jasmines prefer warm conditions and full sunlight to light shade. They thrive in common garden soil with average soil fertility and moisture levels.

Common Issues with Shrubs

Common Issues with Shrubs


For both initial planting and ongoing maintenance, various shrubs have a multitude of planting requirements that must be satisfied. Even though they are appealing and resourceful, maintaining them can be quite expensive.

Vulnerability to insects

Many flowering shrubs are full of nectar which lures in a variety of insects, making them extremely susceptible to various diseases. For example, Lace bugs grow on the underside of leaves, sucking them dry and eventually killing them. 

Aphids, most commonly known as plant lice are another common insect that feeds on plant sap and stunts growth. They cause the deformation of leaves, buds, and stems damaging the shrubs in the process. 

Plant disorders

Shrubs can be vulnerable to various disorders if their maintenance is neglected. For example, Leaf spots can be seen quite commonly by affecting the process of photosynthesis, which can eventually lead to leaf loss. 

Fungal disorders caused by bacteria such as Blight are another major issue. If left unchecked for prolonged periods, it can lead to the death of the plant. 

Reasons to include shrubs in your landscaping 

Apart from the aesthetic purpose, shrubs can have other benefits as well. Let’s explore the reasons why you should include shrubs in your landscaping. 

Borders and Privacy

When planted properly and strategically, a layered shrub structure can provide you with ample privacy from any nosy neighbors. In addition, it will also beautify your landscape borders, making them visually appealing from the outside. 

Moreover, you get to enjoy your morning coffee in nature without being interrupted by any neighbors!

Purifies air and aids in fighting off stress

Shrubs can assist in air filtration by trapping toxic pollutants, instantly enhancing the quality of the air you breathe in. Additionally, surrounding yourself with nature can help your de-stress easily as we tend to seek solace in nature as a coping mechanism. 

Increase re-sale value of property

If you’re looking for a long-term benefit then it lies in the value of your property that consists of shrubs. Since some shrubs may be rare and can take a while to attain their full size, hence some species are especially prized. 

Therefore, a household with established shrubs and trees can increase the value of the overall property by 5% to 20% higher in comparison to their barren counterparts.

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Over the Years, I have gained a lot of experience in different aspects of gardening. I actively learned about plants and how to care for them, and also have a lot of experience in dealing with pests and diseases. My expertise is on teaching how to grow healthy plants and make them look their best.

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