What To Plant Along The Fence Line? Beautiful Fenceline Flowers & Shrubs

What To Plant Along The Fence Line

Trees can make the environment so much better. It has functions ranging from beautification and making the world that much better to solving catastrophes like global warming and drought.

So, planting trees has become a responsibility for us. And for that, one of the best spots is along the fence line. Today you will know what to plant along the fence line and why the fence line is a great spot for plantation.

Why Go For Fence Line Plantings?

Why Go For Fence Line Planting

There are many good reasons why you should choose to plant trees along the fence line of your home out of all the other locations. 

Protects privacy

Plants along the fence line can strengthen the fence of your home and yard. They will block the view of your property from any outsider, including the passersby and the neighbors—giving you all the privacy you need.

They can also play a role as the borders of your yards and home, making sure that no stranger is getting unknowingly. Overall, trees on the line of the fence are great for security and privacy purposes.


One of the best windbreakers that you can get for your time and money are the plants you can grow on your fence line. They will protect your home and yard from the high-speed wind coming toward.

They will also act as a guard against dust and unexpected chemical particles that will be coming with the wind—giving your home a much safer environment for you to be in.

It needs no telling that the city roads are full of noise and racket. And plants along the fence line can hugely decrease that noise by blocking it. 

Increases aesthetic appeal

Last but certainly not least, plants can be an excellent adornment for your house and increase the aesthetics of your home to a great degree.

However, the increase in aesthetic appeal is just the cherry on top when it comes to all the reasons that you might want plants along the line of your fence. There’s no reason why anyone would not want a house with privacy and beauty both.

What Kind Of Plants Are Best For Fence?

What Kind Of Plants Are Best For This Purpose

There are many types of plants that you can choose from when it comes to planting on the fence line. Let’s discuss them now!


Evergreens are plants that can keep their leaves throughout the year. Most plants are based on seasons and usually shed their leaves in the winter. But evergreens don’t shed, rather keep their leaves growing and green under proper care.

And that is why evergreens can be great options for the fence line. The green plants will keep the outlook of the home beautiful all around the year while providing security and privacy at the same time.

On top of that, most evergreens don’t require a lot of effort for maintenance after the first year of them being planted. So, if you want some great-looking plants putting the minimal effort, they can be great options.

A great example of an evergreen plant for fence lines would be the American or eastern arborvitae. They can go up to 15 feet tall and live for 100 years—both great for being planted along the fence.

Deciduous trees

By definition, deciduous plants have a tendency to fall off or shed, especially in autumn—which means it isn’t going to be bright and vibrant in all seasons. But they are still amazing options for the fence line.

The main feature of deciduous plants is that they are flowering plants. So, so some of them will be keeping the sight of your yard and home as beautiful as ever—when the flowers sprout in seasons.

Again, they are not too sensitive. This means they don’t require an unreasonable amount of caring; after they have been planted. This is a great plus for being planted on the fence line since you wouldn’t need to worry excessively about keeping it alive.

One of the best examples of a deciduous plant for fence lines would be the red maple. As beautiful as the red foliage is, the plant growing from 40 to 70 feet tall and the root being shallow makes it even better for the fence line.


Shrubs are much smaller than trees in size and have a lot of stems arising close to the ground, near the stem. They can be great decor for the fence or the boundary of your house if planted along the fence line.

Shrubs come in many forms, some are flowering, and some are even evergreen—keeping your fence line vibrant. However, due to being shorter in length, it can’t provide any privacy or act as a windbreaker as good as longer plants can.

But on the upside, you are surely getting a type of shrub that you might like due to having so many options. Some of them are low-maintenance, while some variants would require more attention. You can select as per your needs.

Overall, a fine example of shrubs would be Jasmine. The flowers are beautiful, and the scent is even prettier. They can be great embellishments for your fence line while creating a demarcated boundary for your yard.

Annual and Perennial flowers

Annual plants are the plants that live for a single growing season, and perennial plants grow every year in spring. They are used in a combination in most cases since annuals have a longer blooming period when compared to perennials.

There are many annual and perennial plants that you can choose from based on your liking and demands. They differ in lengths as well, so you can create a mix of short and tall variants if you want to beautify your fence further.

Annual plants live for a year, while the perennials don’t have any specific lifespan. Some perennials like pepper plant live for 3 to 4 years, while others can live for as long as a lifetime. So, due to the difference in lifespans, the maintenance can get a little complex.

An example of a perennial plant would be the climbing rose which can grow up to 12 feet tall. And a great annual plant is cathedral bells which can grow a 4 feet tall if cared for properly. The mix of lengths can make them even prettier.

How to choose the right plants for your fence line

Some factors to help you choose the fenceline plants are:

Sunny or shaded

If you want a sunny yard, you need to let the light come in. For that, either choose plants that are a little shorter in height if that is more convenient. Choosing plants that stay a little distant from each other will also help since light can get in through that space.

On the other hand, if you want a shaded yard, go for the plants that are tall enough to not allow the light to get in too much. And choose the plants that can stay really close to each other without issues. 

Height of the fence

How tall your fences are also a big factor that you need to consider while planting trees along the fence line. If you have taller fences, you can accommodate larger plants there. 

But, if your fences are not tall, you might not be able to plant larger plants even if you want to—limiting your options by a little bit.

How To Care For Your Plants Once They Are Planted?

How To Care For Your Plants Once They Are Planted

How to take care of it is totally dependent on the type of plant you have chosen to plant. If you have shrubs or annual and perennial plants, it is highly dependent on the plant you have chosen. For that, you will have to do plant-specific research.

Evergreen trees are better off under the sun during summer and shaded during winter. Regular mulching and watering are to be done, especially in the winter. Proper fertilizers and pesticides should be applied as per needs.

Deciduous plants are not hard to maintain either. Regular watering and mulching seem to do the job. But it will vary hugely from tree to tree.


Now, you should be able to make the best and the correct decision for yourself when you are looking to plant some on your fence line.

The options are limitless when it comes to selecting the plants. After all, it all boils down to your taste and preference.

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Over the Years, I have gained a lot of experience in different aspects of gardening. I actively learned about plants and how to care for them, and also have a lot of experience in dealing with pests and diseases. My expertise is on teaching how to grow healthy plants and make them look their best.

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