How To Make Seed Tape | Step by Step Guide

How to make seed tape

How To Make Seed Tape

Nowadays many gardeners use seed tape for their gardening. Also, many gardeners don’t know how to use this or how to make this. Seed tape is a very basic idea for sowing seeds in a uniform manner. 

Seed tape is ideal for plants that you want perfectly spaced apart. Small seeds are really hard to sow in a straight line. For example, if you are sowing carrots it’s difficult than other seeds to sow in straight. People usually mix small seeds with sand and sow them in a straight line. In this process, you can’t ensure the space between the seeds. To avoid this situation seed tape is the best thing to do. Also in this process, you can save the seeds from being waste. 

You will find the seed tape in your local market if you want to buy some. You can even make your own seed tape. Today I will share how to make seed tape at home. 

How To Make Seed Tape

Things that you need:

1: Flour 

2: Water 

3: Newspaper 

4: Scissors

5: Ruler

6: Pencil

7: Seeds

Preparing the tape:

First, you need to prepare the tap. I will recommend newspapers as it’s a process of recycling and the best use of newspapers as well. Also, you can use tissue and paper towels for this. Get a sheet of newspaper and cut two pieces in the measurement of one inch wide. Now your tape is ready for the next step.

Preparing the glue:

You can prepare homemade glue by using flour and water. Take some flour in a bucket and add some water until it’s turning into thicky paste forms. If it thick enough to sit on the end of a stick or pencil without dripping the paste is ready to go.

Distance measurement:

Now you need to mark the sheet with the ruler where you will place the seed and little drop of the paste that you have made before. When you mark the dot it’s determined how far the seeds will be from each other. After marking the dot you need to take a small stick or pencil to drop a little paste on the mark.

Placing the seeds:

Get your seeds and place them on top of the paste dot. Use your fingers or a pair of tweezers to place the seeds in the right place.

Final Step

By using the same process you need to get some glue with the stick or pencil and place them all along with the paper totally different areas. Now you need to place the second piece of newspaper on top of this. Run your finger all along with the paper so that the glue holds the paper together. Allow the tap to dray and you can write the plant name on it for identification. 

Now the seed tape is ready to put down the garden. If you are not planting them now you can store them in a jar and cool place. That’s how you will make your seed tape.

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