Which Plants like Horse Manure? Learn Now

Which Plants like Horse Manure

We have all heard of cow manure being widely used as a soil fertilizer for various crops. On the other hand, the use of horse manure as a fertilizer is seen much more seldom. However, it turns out that some properties of horse manure can actually be beneficial for growing some plants.

In today’s article, we will be exploring plants like horse manure. Along with that, we will also be briefly taking a look at what plants don’t prefer.

Plants That Like Horse Manure

The reason why horse manure can be helpful in the growth of some plants is that they provide a boost of nitrogen in the soil. Not only that, but it also contains good amounts of phosphorus and potassium, which are all essential nutrients for a plant’s healthy growth.


Kale plant

Scientific Classifications:

Kingdom:  Plantae

Clade:        Angiosperms

Clade:        Eudicots

Order:        Brassicales

Family:       Brassicaceae

Genus:        Brassica

Kale is quite quickly becoming one of the most popular leafy vegetables in the world, as people are finding more and more delicious healthy recipes with it. Using well-rotted horse manure can really help farmers to get the best yield when growing kale.

Pak Choi

Pak Choi plant

Pak choi is a vegetable that is used in Asian cuisines the most. They make great side dishes, or you can chop some up and add them to your main dish. Organic horse manure can be amazing for making the soil richer with the three most important nutrients the Pak choi plant needs.


Spinach plant

Scientific Classifications:

Kingdom:  Plantae

Clade:        Angiosperms

Order:        Caryophyllales

Family:       Amaranthaceae

Genus:        Spinacia

Species:      S. oleracea

Used in all countries and cuisines across the world, spinach is a versatile vegetable in high demand because of all its packed nutrients. It turns out that horse manure is fantastic for leafy vegetable Herbaceous plants since they require a high amount of nitrogen. Hence, it works well for spinach.


Scientific Classifications:         

Kingdom: Plantae

Subkingdom: Viridiplantae   

Class: Magnoliopsida    

Order: Brassicales          

Family: Brassicaceae     

Genus: Brassica L

From making condiments to oils, mustard is a very useful crop that farmers want to grow. Studies have shown linking the use of horse manure as organic fertilizer for mustard plants to higher protein content and oil in mustard crops!


Lettuce flower plant

Scientific Classifications:

Kingdom:  Plantae

Clade:        Eudicots

Order:        Asterales

Family:       Asteraceae

Species:      L. Sativa

Lettuce is also a leafy plant which is why horse manure greatly helps in its growth. It has been found that the best effect for lettuce can be achieved when the manure is mixed with lime and then used as fertilizer.

What Plants Don’t Like Horse Manure

Using horse manure is just not the best option for flowering plants. Because horses don’t digest everything very well, oftentimes, weeds can be found with manure. So, when the weed-containing manure is used as a fertilizer, it can result in weeds being grown all around your flower plant.




Tanim Islam Neil

Tanim Islam Neil is a business student who loves to share his love of plants with the world. His articles are filled with information about all things plants. He likes to write about plant care, and propagation. When he's not writing articles, he spends his time exploring new possibilities.

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