Does Bleach Kill Spiders? 4 Steps To Kill Spiders

does bleach kill spiders?

Sometimes spiders can affect your plants and can even kill them. Spiders are very dangerous for indoor plants and your house. 

The most asking question is how we can kill spiders? Or does bleach kill spiders? Yes, bleach can kill spiders very well. Bleach is considered a pesticide and fungicide due to its ability to kill bacterial cells. The acid on bleach kills the spiders and plants as well. Bleach can also kill other household pests including spiders. This isn’t a proper way to kill spiders or other pests with bleach as bleach can be harmful to humans and the surface it will spray. If you accidentally spray bleach to any plants you are going to kill the plants. 

Let’s see how you can kill a spider with bleach.

Let’s see how you can kill a spider with bleach

Step 1: Mix one part of bleach with three parts of water. For example, if you take 50ML o water you can take 15-20 ML of bleach. After that mix them and fill them in a spray bottle.

Step 2: Directly spray the mixer on spiders at a 5-10 inch range. If the spider is big spray much to kill the spider. The amount depends on the size of the spider.

Step 3: The spider will be dead soon. Check after sometimes and throughout the dead spider. Also, clean the surface you have sprayed. 

Step 4: For better results spray the bleach on the spiders’ nest and every corner of your house. You can repeat the process after a couple of weeks to remove the spiders permanently. 

Don’t try to kill any spiders that are on your plants. You can read this if you accidentally spray bleach on your plants.

Accidentally sprayed bleach on plants 

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