Are Artichoke Plants Perennials?

Are Artichoke Plants Perennials

Artichokes are part of the thistle family and are known mostly as a very healthy vegetables. If you haven’t studied much botany, then it’s very normal for you to not know what kind of plants artichokes are. 

As these plants can seem to be very hardy, you might wonder are artichoke plants perennial? Today, we are going to be answering that question and along with that, we will also be providing a reasonable explanation for you. We also have to let you know about this plant’s uses, so let’s quickly get into the real discussion!

Why Are Artichoke Plants Perennial?

Why Are Artichoke Plants Perennial

For a plant to be considered a perennial it needs to have an average lifetime of more than 2 years. Turns out that when grown in the right climate artichoke plants can live as much as 6 years. During early spring, these plants grow rapidly to a decent size. 

Plants that do not have woody growth also often fall in the perennial category, and since artichokes don’t have woody stems, they can be called perennials just like pepper and mint are perennials. These plants aren’t tall at all, they usually grow only up to 3 feet in height, and have a diameter of about 7 inches. 

What are the Uses of Artichoke?

It has been proven that artichokes are beneficial plants in many ways that you may not have known before. Below, we have discussed some common uses of artichokes. 

Can be Eaten as a Regular Dish 

Artichokes have been eaten as vegetables from the time of Romans till now. They actually can be a great side vegetable dish because they have a slightly nutty taste and can be used as an alternative for asparagus. Most importantly, there are many great nutrients that you get by eating this vegetable. 

Used as Garden Ornaments

Although this plant is usually harvested for its vegetable, it also blooms these beautiful purple flowers. These distinctive flowers can make your garden look more gorgeous, so you should consider planting artichokes. 

Helps Treat Many Health Issues

Some studies have shown that artichoke may help with liver issues, and can make a substantial improvement with cholesterol problems as well. 

Artichoke extract is sometimes ingested by patients dealing with indigestion problems and nausea. It is supposed to help in reducing stomach aches, nausea, and vomiting. 

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